NFC Google Review Card

Expon NFC Google Review Card

Expon Google Review Card is the brand-new product based on NFC technology launched by Expon Digital Based in Dubai, UAE. Expon Digital having IT expertise in the wide area of services like Website Designing, Software Development, App Development, Branding & Digital Marketing in India and UAE.

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Collect Google reviews in 5-seconds !

The Expon Review Card is a NFC enabled PVC card drives customers directly to your google review page! This makes it possible to collect 5 Star reviews and comments for your business in less than 5 seconds directly from your customer

No Subscription needed

When you buy our cards, it is yours to use unlimited. There is no limit to the number of reviews you can collect,

100% Safe & Secure

Our NFC card is 100 % secure and safe to use Utilizing advanced encryption technology Directing customers directly to your review page. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy brand reputation with every tap.

How to only get 5 Star reviews and become #1

Simply provide your HAPPY customers with the contactless Google Review card. Utilizing contactless technology, when they bring their smartphone near the card, they will be instantly directed to your Google Review page.

Benefits : Why Google Reviews !

  • Increase your google review & rating
  • Get top on search engines
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Higher your rank on local SEO
  • Increase your business
  • Get more customers through google listing